My brother told me to do it the other day so I did it. And I dont know what I want to do with it yet. Maybe it will just be a questions/interactive thing with my tumblr mates and a once weekly in the life of james video. What do you think?

Send me questions. Ill see about doing that yeah.

this is my new blog. follow it if you want. and also ask stuff peas.

You guys should go follow me on my new tumblr

I am trusting that if you follow me you will not send me hate. Or cause any drama. If you do I will block you. And report you.

I have quite a few messages asking for my new tumblr. So. Here is it. Follow if you would like. If not please ignore this and dont cause any shit okay? we are adults here (kinda…) so lets act like them yes.

Okay. Followed everyone that I follow on here… Minus a couple that have not updated in a month or so. :)


I am going through all the people I follow and copying their urls and following them on my new blog. 

Again. If anyone wants my new url please message me or respond to this and I will send it to you :)


Also. Anyone that follows on my new blog I will follow because I really suck at remembering names of the people I follow on here. So yeah. Okay.

Im not deleting this blog. But I wont be posting much here anymore unless its nothing personal. I have started a new blog. IF you would like the URL for it or anything let me know. I am sick of hate. Its not good for me so I am doing a thing. I dont want to just put the URL out there so whoever is sending me hate can go to that blog also. So yeah. 

That is all.



Right now my cousin and I are trying to get our shit together to get a place but in the mean time her little wiener is staying at her moms. Long story short her mom is getting tired of this little precious baby and we need someone in the WASHINGTON STATE AREA to foster him. He’s not neutered but we plan on getting that done before handing him over, again this is JUST FOR A SHORT PERIOD and we will forever be in your debt~

JAMES JAMES JAMES JAMES. Lookit this baby. 


do you have those memories that are really cringey and you never speak of and something triggers the memory and you want to fucking wash your brain out with bleach

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